Welcome, ladies in ministry! We’re so incredibly excited to have you here!

Beyond Her Story was born out of a desire to expand the work of Blessing Ranch Ministries, an organization devoted to providing transformational soul care to Christian leaders through blending theology and psychology. We’ve been privileged to serve over 4,000 Christian leaders from around the world in our 20+ year history, and wanted to find a way to help more women in ministry navigate the complexities of ministry and life.

In January of 2016, we met with about nine of the leading voices of women in ministry to explore what the real needs were for women in ministry from around the country. It was a beautiful conversation, and through that conversation, many ideas were born… with you in mind!

This website is a “home-base” of sorts, where we will post content on a regular basis that we believe will give you tools to help you live well, lead well, and finish well. We’ll discuss all sorts of relevant topics, from dealing with anxiety, building a healthy marriage, leading a team, balancing and managing priorities, dealing with change, and much much more.

Every single Monday, we will post a special video, created just for you by leading voices of women in ministry, designed to give you a shot in the arm and help you stay on mission another week. We call it the Monday Morning Mission.

Thursdays, we will share another post, video, podcast, or other content to give you transformational tools that you can implement right away and help you stay healthy – or as we say, help you “live well, lead well, and finish well.”


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Go ahead and visit our first Monday Morning Mission from our friend, Amy Bloye!

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Thanks for visiting – we’re looking forward to journeying with you as we all seek to live well, lead well, and finish well!

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