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In ministry, we are blessed with the opportunity to showcase God’s love to others. Sometimes, we need to listen to Him ourselves. If your struggling with knowing what direction you’re heading in I encourage you to watch this video done by Wendy Fitzgerald as she addresses the necessity of seeking God first!

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As co-founder, speaker, and author for If Then Movement, Wendy imparts powerful and compelling img_3317-d8b16717375f6926351a7afcf088f53520teaching through her writing and speaking. Wendy’s presentation style will bring “the complete package” to your next event. With over a decade in full time ministry and a background in theater, Wendy naturally employs humor, drama and story-telling to communicate the deep truth of God’s Word. Captivating audiences with her unique style, Wendy shares her passion for the Scriptures in a way that inspires, encourages, and blesses each listener. 

Once upon a time…Wendy fell in love with the word “story.” In fact, it is her favorite word in the English language because stories connect hearts and emotions. At an early age, Wendy’s love of words was apparent, and throughout her life, God has given her many opportunities to share His love with her words. She married her high school sweetheart, and they have lived “happily ever after,” at least on most days, for the past 23 years. Together with their five children, they lead a pretty crazy life, and they would have it no other way!

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