Happy Monday morning, ladies!

As women in ministry, we have to be able to show grace to others – it’s a foundation of our faith. But if we get really honest, how well are we doing at showing grace to ourselves?

Join Dr. Charity Byers for this week’s Monday Morning Mission to explore this issue and see how God might use it to lighten your load this week!

Question: What is one of your key takeaways from Charity’s video? Leave a comment and let us know!

charity-pic-for-book-and-blogDr. Byers serves as the Executive Director of Clinical Services for Blessing Ranch Ministries, a non profit dedicated to providing transformational soul care for Christian leaders.

As a licensed Psychologist, she provides Professional Counseling Services to Pastors, Missionaries, and other Christian leaders.

While she connects well with all leaders, she has a particular passion for serving women in ministry.

Dr. Byers’ educational experiences include a B.A. in Clinical Counseling and School Psychology from Western State College of Colorado, an M.A. in General Psychology from the University of Northern Colorado, and a PhD. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Denver.

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