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Monday Morning Mission #35 – Eyes Up – with Dr. Charity Byers

Happy Monday Morning! Are you struggling in deciding where to put your focus? If so I encourage you to choose your perceptive wisely when seeking your priorities this week, and that all starts with watching this video by Dr....


I’m Out of Control! – by Heather Carter

Hey ladies! This blog has been on my mind for about a year now. It addresses one of my worst character defects: control. Admitting the strong-hold this defect has on me is just plain embarrassing. Nevertheless, I have the prefect...


Monday Morning Mission #31 – Having Local Friends in Ministry – With Donna Pisani

Happy Monday morning! This morning, I welcome you to watch this video hosted by Donna Pisani on the importance of fellowship within ministry! I encourage you to surround yourself with people who build up your faith. Strive to be...


What’s In A Name? – by Brett Detken

Hey there ladies! When I was in 7th grade, I changed my name. Now, I should mention that my family also moved that year, and I was not AT ALL happy about it. Because of job changes, we had...


Spiritual Starvation

“I’m in the walls of a church all day, but I’m never with God.” Do you ever feel that way? If you’ve been working or serving at a church for any length of time, it’s easy to start feeling...