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Monday Morning Mission #36 – Truth in a Fast-Paced World – with Lisa Johnson

Happy Monday Morning! Happy 2018 everyone! Are you feeling the pressure of ministry? This week, I encourage you to watch this video by Lisa Johnson and ponder God’s truth and peace in this fast-paced world. God has got this...


Monday Morning Mission #27 – Busyness versus Vitality – with Dr. Charity Byers

Happy Monday Morning! Do you ever feel as if you wear busyness as a badge of honor? Do you think the amount of work you take on equates to how great your love for God is? If you can...


Brand New FREE book from Dr. Charity Byers!

Hello ladies! Have you ever felt like you had too much on your plate, too much to manage, too many responsibilities, too many people needing your time? Have you felt overwhelmed with it all and struggled with how to...


What to Do When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed Part 2

Hey ladies! Welcome back to our discussion about feeling overwhelmed. It may not be the most glamorous topic. But, it’s real, every day life for so many of us ladies! If you haven’t read Part 1, go back and read...


What to Do When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed Part 1

  “I can’t keep up.” “I don’t have enough to give.” “There’s too much expected of me.” “I dread what’s ahead of me.”   Have you said any of those things either out loud or to yourself recently? If...