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Monday Morning Mission #45 – Marriage – with Wendy Fitzgerald

Happy Monday Morning! I pray your week is fantastic. This week Wendy Fitzgerald focuses on the struggles of marriage. Make sure to watch and leave a comment letting us know what you think! As co-founder, speaker, and author for...


Monday Morning Mission #34 – Love – With Wendy Fitzgerald

Happy Monday Morning! Do you need a reminder of what love is to God? If so, I encourage you to watch this video by Wendy Fitzgerald as she dives into the meaning of love and trusting God through the...


Monday Morning Mission #33 – Nothing is Wasted- with Lisa Johnson

Happy Monday Morning! Do you dislike wasting things? If so, I encourage you to watch this video by Lisa Johnson and truly think about the fact that God wastes nothing. He has a plan and purpose for everything and...


Monday Morning Mission #32 – Autopilot – with Dr. Charity Byers

Happy Monday Morning! Are you currently feeling complacent in your marriage? We all experience that period of an autopilot love. I challenge you to watch this video by Dr. Charity Byers and acknowledge the work needed to avoid an...


Monday Morning Mission #18 – With Brett Detken

Happy Monday, Ladies! So here’s a question: Have you ever had this voice whispering in your ear telling you something it shouldn’t be? Do you struggle to take those thoughts captive and shush that voice? As women in ministry, no...


Argument # 7

There we were…having the same fight we have been having for what seems like eternity. Argument 7, we call it. It’s that argument that has existed since the moment we said “I do”, because we are two separate people,...