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Monday Morning Mission #38 – Sand and Stone – with Lisa Johnson

Happy Monday Morning! Are you clinging to the negative things of this world? If so, I encourage you to watch this video by Lisa Johnson and recognize the strength of God in this temporary world! Put your trust in...


Monday Morning Mission #28 – Adversity in Leadership – With Wendy Fitzgerald

Happy Monday Morning! As leaders of the church, it’s no surprise when the enemy attacks. In this weeks video Wendy Fitzgerald talks about how God provides resilience in the face of adversity. Be equipped when sharing the gospel and...


Monday Morning Mission #26 – Invisible Successes – With Wendy Fitzgerald

Happy Monday morning, ladies! In this week’s Monday Morning Mission, Wendy Fitzgerald encourages us all to consider how invisible successes are vital to kingdom work just as tangible, visible successes are. Click on the video below to learn from Wendy!...


Monday Morning Mission #22 – Discipleship to the 3rd and 4th Generation – With Wendy Fitzgerald

Happy Monday morning, ladies! Discipleship is probably important to all of you tuning into today. Hopefully you have a few people around you that you feel like you are pouring into and raising up. But, do you ever think...


Monday Morning Mission #6 – With Wendy Fitzgerald

Happy Monday morning, ladies! Choosing who to invest your time into can be a challenge when you’re a busy woman in ministry. Here’s some advice: invest in a fat chick. Seriously. Hold on – give us a chance to explain…...