About Us


Blessing Ranch Ministries and If Then Move have formed a partnership together in hopes of building the body of Christ and encouraging the hearts of women. God has interwoven the hearts of both organizations. He’s laid women in ministry upon their hearts. He’s shown them the unique challenges that rest on the shoulders of women. He’s given them a conviction to help call out and bring forth their full potential for the Kingdom.

This initiative is led by Dr. Charity Byers, a highly-respected psychologist at Blessing Ranch Ministries and Wendy Fitzgerald, the founder of the If Then Move. Both of these women have spent years investing in the lives of women in ministry.

If Then Move

If Then Move began at the place where Wendy Fitzgerald and Cheryl Fraser’s pasts and passions collided. Their hearts connected on a creative level, but their desire to serve God’s Kingdom led to more. If Then Move, a ministry that weaves together solid teaching and intentional products through story to move the hearts of women to respond to God’s calling in their lives, was officially launched in 2011.

Beyond Her Story & Blessing Ranch Ministries

Beyond Her Story is an initiative of Blessing Ranch Ministries, a pioneer in the field of caring for Christian leaders and an innovator in identifying and meeting the needs of Kingdom leaders by integrating theology and psychology. Beyond Her Story provides transformational resources for women in ministry – leaders in the church, para-church leaders, pastor’s wives, missionaries, and more – designed to help you live well, lead well, and finish well.